Author Topic: Steps to setup / program a connected store solution like this...  (Read 654 times)

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I'm testing iBeacons and I'm trying to "copy" the setup shown in this video:

Can anyone tell me the tasks involved in making this possible?

I have an idea about what is needed to make it work, but I', not sure it's the easiest way. But I think I'll need an app that will detect the ibeacon. This app will tell a central server that the app is close to a certain PC (the ibeacon next to the player PC). The central server will then communicate with the player PC and tell it to change it's presentation to reflect what the user is doing on his phone.

So- it requires programming an app for the phone. Then program a central system that will hold pairing information about beacon and player pc. Based on a lookup in the central program, a local script on the player PC will change the shown presentation.

What do you think - can it be done in a more simple way?