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Scala Updates
« on: January 25, 2016, 10:57:01 AM »
I am a Scala 5 user and we got many troubles due to the lack of the product itself. It is obvious that it is outdated and the upgrade from Scala5 is more an update rather than an upgrade nowadays.

The Content Manager do not work fine in modern browsers and the media uploader get blocked in Java's new versions. Thus, using Scala on a normal PC is impossible. I need a special environment - like a time machine to use it. So, I think that Scala will join the software providers who offer their clients an update where they can use the software at least on a normal PC.

I don't want an action what Adobe, Microsoft, Autodesk or many others do - like giving the outdated version free. Scala needs about 5-10 years to develope this mindset but at least a free update should should be done. I believe that it is also a user's legal right.

Scala, will you do it or not? If yes, what do you need from me?