Author Topic: Playback Audit Parser Problem (I Can not Create a Report More Than 7 days Old)  (Read 355 times)

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Hi Everyone,

We need an assistance in a particular case.

We got an Issue about Creating a new Report from the Report Tab.

The issue is that when we create a report from the Report Tab, when we set a time between 30 days,  the Total Duration only shows the last 7 days of the report e not the total time of the 30 days or any another time more then 7 days, I'd checked in the server and saw in the Log from the Playback Audit Parser 5 that and there are more than 30 day in files .LOG  like the image:

When we generate the Report the Total Duration is only 56:39:14, the correct time would be more than 310 hours.

Does anyone know what is going on?

My CM version is 10.4.7

Thanks in Advanced.