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Problem 72, Error 32.10
« on: January 03, 2017, 09:35:39 AM »
Hi  ;D

I'm trying to upload a video to a play.
It's not a template or anything, I just want the video to play in a playlist.
I can Add the video to the playlist, with no problems.
But the video will not upload to the player, everything else in the playlist uploads fine, but not the video.

The weird part is that if i Add a video to the playlist, that has already been used in another playlist, it's being uploaded fine to the player.
For some weird reason it's only newly added videos (to CM) that doesn't get uploaded to the player.

CM is giving me this error message:

Problem 72, Error 32.10: Download of file failed. This problem may correct itself on a future attempt.
SUPP:Failed while attempting to download "http://(removed):(removed)@​a/webdav/NB_SCALA/content/CID/Fireworks%5B5365170​9100%5D.mp4".
SUPP:Failed to transfer the file "http://(removed):(removed)@​a/webdav/NB_SCALA/content/CID/Fireworks%5B5365170​9100%5D.mp4" to "C:\ProgramData\Scala\InfoChannel Player 5\Content\CID\tmp619.~~~".
USER:NOTE: Possible Proxy issue during HTTP ReceiveResponse. Configured to use Proxy: port="0", host="".
Error 32.10: (win32) Windows error 2EE2 in WinHttpReceiveResponse: The operation timed out

Any help would be appriciated  :)