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Strange Template Behavior
« on: October 24, 2017, 11:39:23 AM »
(Designer: 11.03.02) (Content Manager: 11.03.00)

I've been having some issues with a template in Content Manager. When I upload the template (have tried both direct from Designer and to a script package for drag-and-drop upload) and go to the administration panel on the template's properties page, the template variables are spread out over 4 pages, several of them blank, and I've noticed some variables listed on more than one page. The first page only has the first variable and it's just a general mess.

If I try to create a message from this template, users are shown pretty much the same layout when it comes time to assign template variables and sometimes the assignments do not appear to work (blank spaces on the screen where elements should be, etc). Has anyone else seen this issue or have any suggestions for rectifying it? Thanks!

UPDATE: I've been having this issue with other templates. It seems that when I have more than one page in the script--even just a "special event" page, when the template is published, CM acts like the special events are actual display pages. The special events use the assignment on a template variable to determine the value of a local variable so I guess the template variable gets associated with the special event page. I can see why this is happening but it doesn't seem logical from an end-user usability standpoint.
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