Author Topic: My Scala 3 Designer PC died. Can I change what's playing without it?  (Read 1799 times)

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Hello there,

I am using Scala 3 in a broadcast application to power a channel on cable television. I have a two-computer set up. One PC has Designer 3 and the Network Engine. The second computer has Scala Player 3 and the network engine.

This set up is about 7 years old now and the Designer computer just died an ugly death. Though I have all my data and scripts backed up on an external drive, it will take me several days to build a new computer and install all the software on it. (I inherited these machines and didn't participate in their original set up so I have a learning curve to overcome.)

My question: Is there any way to hack the script that currently running on the player so that I can take out select parts of the script? (There's dated info that I want to remove.)

Or is there any other way you can think off to alter the currently playing script to get me through the next several days?


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Re: My Scala 3 Designer PC died. Can I change what's playing without it?
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 04:05:24 PM »
You really need to install Designer and NM3 on some reasonably competent Windows XPPsp3 machine.  [figure a Core2Duo @ 1.6GHz or better, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA or ATi PEG with 256MB+ of video memory]

If you have the installation media; then a minimal "Click, Click, Next!" installation--and move the Dongles over--should have you operational again in about half an hour.  [assuming that you have to "patch" to get to the current-enough revision running on the Player and then you have some "configuration" stuff to do--a minimal installation w/o ClipArt should be about 5 minutes]

Suggestions for the "future":

Symantec "Ghost Enterprise" or ACRONIS "TrueImage". 
Make bootable "Restore DVD's/USB-Sticks".

OR--simply install and configure Designer and NM3 on multiple machines.  [then all you need to do is migrate you backup art/scripts and move the Dongles]

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