Author Topic: Building a Digital Signage Wall with 4 HDTV Channels plus Scala Content  (Read 2028 times)

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We are working to build a digital signage wall through Scala that will display 4 different HDTV channels simultaneously plus other frames with Scala content playing in them. During the playlist the content would also play full screen overtaking the TV channels. In order to play some content full screen, we know that we can only use one player to play the content.

Is there a HDTV Tuner Card that allows you to play 4 HDTV channels simultaneously? Has anyone has any success with displaying multiple HDTV Channels at once? Did you install 4 HDTV tuner cards into a single player?

Any input on how to achieve this is appreciated.

*We know that HD support of a TV tuner is not available until the beta 6 release, but perhaps someone has tried this with analog tv channels.
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